What is Synthesis?

Synthesis is a hybrid philosophy that blends the principles of metaphysics with cutting edge science, mythology, universal spiritual practices and more to ignite your individual potential.

Synthesis is a curriculum that teaches concepts and practices that will help you clarify and manifest what calls you most deeply.

Synthesis is a community — inclusive and multi-generational — intent on supporting you as you soar and stumble through life.

Synthesis is a collective committed to creating a world that works for everyone and all life on earth. We believe that what calls us most deeply is what the world needs most profoundly.

How does it work?

The Synthesis curriculum is delivered in a series of chapters. Each chapter is nine weeks and presented live on Zoom. At the start of each chapter, you are invited to….

Who is it for?

A Synthesis student is someone ready to unleash their potential. They sense something deep inside calling them forward. They are curious, conscious and eager for…

The Cost?

We believe in the practice of equitable giving. That means you pay what you think the class is worth. Regardless of your circumstances, you are …

Our commitment to diversity

Imagine a kaleidoscope of passions, perspectives, and life experiences converging in one community. That’s the kind of collective we aim to create. Planet earth is bursting with magnificent diversity and we want our community to reflect that dynamism.

We welcome you. We celebrate all that you bring to this magnificent world.