What is Synthesis?

Synthesis is a hybrid philosophy that blends the principles of metaphysics with cutting edge science, mythology, universal spiritual practices (and more) to ignite your individual potential.

Synthesis teachings draw on the work and wisdom of:

  • Jean Houston’s Social Artistry
  • Earnest Holmes’s Science of Mind and the broader New Thought movement
  • The tenants of love, tolerance and service shared among all the world religions—Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Sufism and more
  • Revelations from neuroscience, physics, psychology
  • Joseph Cambell’s Hero/Heroine’s Journey and the broader power of story
  • The Ancient Greek concept of the Entelechy
  • The power of rituals as defined by anthropologist Anthony F. C. Wallace
  • David Holmgren and Bill Mollison’s theory of Permaculture
  • ….and more.

Synthesis is a curriculum that teaches concepts and practices that will help you clarify and manifest what calls you most deeply.

Over the course of four chapters—each nine-weeks long— you will be introduced to concepts and practices that will help you clarify your goals then acquire the skills you need to actualize those dreams in life.

Woven into the curriculum are ample opportunities to connect with fellow students. You will get plenty of time to share insights, work through confusion, celebrate successes and gain support when inevitable struggles arise.

Synthesis is a community of multi-generational, multi-racial men, woman, LGBTQIA+ folks intent on supporting one another as we stumble and soar through our lives.  Our aim is for the Synthesis community to reflect the magnificent diversity that lives and breathes in human form all around the world. We aim to bridge the divides and interrupt the compartmentalism that plagues western culture.

Synthesis is a collective.  We are a group of individuals called together to work towards a shared purpose—the actualization of our individual goals in service to the broader, global community.

By working through the curriculum (and life) together we enhance our individual knowledge and skills as we witness our individual success ripple through our community and beyond.

As a collective we recognize the power of collaboration, the value of collective intelligence and the gift of diverse perspectives.

As we say here at Synthesis, we believe in the power of two or more.

How does it work?

The Synthesis curriculum is delivered through a series of five classes that teach the principles, practices, and tools of the Synthesis philosophy.

All classes are presented on Zoom. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are nine weeks. Chapter 4 is nine months.

At the start of each class, we invite you to answer the question: “What’s the one thing you most want to create in your life?”  Your answer is what we call your “Project”.  You will then apply the principles and practices you learn in the classes to your project.


What is a Project?

Your project can be anything!

Here are some examples of Projects past students have named:

  • Launch a new business
  • Finalize a book and bring it to market
  • Focus on bodily self-care
  • Clean out the clutter in their life
  • Strengthen a marriage
  • Embody self-love and compassion
  • Transition into retirement

At the heart of the Synthesis philosophy is the belief that what calls you most deeply is what the world needs most profoundly.

We believe that what calls you—whether grand or seemingly mundane—has value. If there is a voice inside whispering for you to pursue something then it is worthy of your attention.

Here’s one example:

One student’s Project was to tackle the paperwork related to back income taxes. On the surface it may seem a mundane goal. But once she completed the project, she felt a great weight had been lifted. Suddenly she was free to express herself in more fulfilling, meaningful ways.

So, whether your Project is to do your taxes, launch a new business venture or practice loving kindness, the Synthesis teachings and community will support you in moving forward in your life.

Why do your individual goals matter?

Your goal matters because we believe that if every person on earth is empowered to be the fullest, boldest expression of who they are, we would enjoy a more sustainable, more fully-resourced, more equitable, more loving planet.

Yes, it is a bold vision. Some would say unrealistic but we disagree. We unapologetically aim for a world that works for everyone. It may not manifest in our lifetime but it is a vision we strive to actualize, one step, one day, one moment at a time.

Are there reqirements?

The only requirement is that you start with Chapter 1: Introduction to Synthesis.

Ideally, Chapters 2, 3 and 4 are taken in order. By taking them in order you are more likely to create a bond with your fellow students you will appreciate. But, after Chapter 1, you are free to take the classes in whatever order suits your schedule and needs.

Note that many people take classes more than once. The Synthesis concepts are rich and multi-layers. With each new experience of the material, your understanding will deepen.

More Questions?

Contact info@synthesiscollective.org and someone will get back to you soon.

Who is it for?

A Synthesis student is someone ready to unleash and step into their potential. They sense something deep inside calling them forward. They are curious, conscious, eager to make a difference in their life.

The ideal Synthesis student is wondering:

  • What matters most to me and how can I bring it to life?
  • Why can’t I figure out what I want to do with my life?
  • I’m concerned about the environment, social justice, education, heath care……… and want to be of service. But how?
  • What is mine to do?
  • How can little me make a difference?
  • Where can I find a spiritual community that is not aligned with any religious tradition or particular dogma?
  • I feel isolated. Is there a community of diverse, open-hearted fellow seekers who can walk with me as I navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs?

If any of this sounds familiar and you are willing to consider the possibility that more is meant for you (and the world) then join us. You and your dreams are welcome here.

How much does this cost?

We believe in the practice of equitable giving. That means you pay what you think the class is worth. Regardless of your circumstances, you are welcome here.

Historically, the average tuition payment we receive is $25-50 per week equaling $225-450 per chapter. Some pay much more, some pay less. The decision is yours.

Above all else, we are committed to sharing Synthesis with as many people across the globe as possible and want our community to reflect the diversity of the global human family.

So, please don’t allow your financial circumstances to deter you from joining us.