Chapter 1: Introduction to Synthesis

Chapter 1 is where your Synthesis journey begins. In this multimodal, nine-week class we explore the Synthesis Four-Worlds Model and the basic concepts and practices that make up the Synthesis Process. 

The Synthesis Process is designed to help you identify and name what we call your “Project”. Your Project is the area of your life—or the world—where you most want to create change. 

Each week you’ll be invited to examine your Project from different angles using different lenses. Through this in depth examination you will gain insight that will aid you in activating your purpose. 


  • Clarify what matters most to you
  • Name that which is calling you 
  • Gain insight into what inspires and motivates you into action
  • Get introduced to rituals and tool that will support you and your Project
  • Enjoy the pleasure of a community committed to one another’s success

Chapter 2: Exploring Ritual Living

In this nine-week discussion class, we explore the 13 Elements of Ritual as described by anthropologist Anthony F.C. Wallace. Through his lens, we delve deeper into the Synthesis terminology and build a new vocabulary to assist us in developing a new way of being in the world. 

You are invited to look at your life’s daily activities and ask yourself if your general tendencies, habits and routines are supporting or hindering you in making progress in the direction of your dreams. 


  • Examine the patterns in your daily life that best serve you
  • Learn how to leverage the power of ritual to activate your Project
  • Access a wealth of ancient, universal tools
  • Practice aligning your habits and daily activities in service to that which matters most to you

Pre-requisite: Chapter I: Introduction to Synthesis

Chapter 3: Working with Time & the Entelechy

“Come Be Me” is the call of the Entelechy, otherwise know as your higher potential. 

In this nine-week class you will tune into your higher calling and see the possible impact you can make on the world when you answer that call. 

You will be introduced to practices designed to help you tap into your higher wisdom self…to envision your possible futures… to hear the voice of your ancestors…to listen to the call of the future generations.


  • Cultivate a powerful relationship with your intuition
  • Expand your awareness of your potential impact on the world
  • Recontextualize the past and activate your future

Pre-requisite: Chapter I: Introduction to Synthesis


Chapter 4: Entering the Mythic

Chapter 4 is when the Synthesis Process begins to slow down and deepen. 

This nine-month class shifts from meeting once a week to once a month. Students are invited to continue working on their Project with the support of a weekly Mastermind small group. 

At this point, you will be building a larger story for your life and the work you most want to do in the world. You will be guided to develop a mythos for your life that is big enough to meet the problems of the world. We explore archetypes and stories that help us contextualize ourselves as the change-makers that the world is calling for. 


  • Leverage the wisdom of myth and archetypes to empower your life
  • Build a bigger story of your place in the world and watch it manifest

Pre-requisites: Chapters 1, 2 and 3